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Welcome to the St. Louis Auburn Club!

We are a group of Auburn alumni, family, friends, and fans in the Metro St. Louis Area.  We are part of the Auburn spirit that you just can’t explain.  To join us is to join a family.  You do not have to have gone to Auburn University to be a part of the Auburn family. All you need is a love of the spirit.

The St Louis Auburn Club does much more than get together on football Saturday’s in the fall.  While that is great fun that is not our sole purpose.  We are here to support St. Louis area students who will be or are attending Auburn University.

Each summer we hold our annual Bill Sullivan Scholarship Dinner.  At this dinner we award a scholarship to a St. Louis area student enrolled at Auburn University (scholarship recipient selected by the University).  This is our main fund-raiser of the year so that we may continue to grow funds for future students.

We also hold our annual “Freshman Sendoff.”  All the area students who will be heading to the Plains are encouraged to join us to meet other St. Louisians headed down.  Our alumni enjoy sharing stories of their college days at Auburn.  Parents of students enjoy meeting other parents sending their young adults off as well.

We believe in giving back to our community.  During the fall, the St Louis Auburn Club will again participate in the Beat Bama Food Drive.  We’ve been donating food to local food banks as well as contributing funds to The Beat Bama Food Drive at Auburn.  We are excited to see what we can do this year.

Be a part of our Auburn family!  Join our email list and get involved!


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  1. Hello! War Eagle! My family & I are Auburn fans and we will be in St Louis for Thanksgiving. We would love to know where your club will be watching the Ironbowl this year. Do you meet in a restaurant in the area to watch the game? If so we would love to participate if that is ok. We live in Georgia and have season tickets for all the home games this year.
    Thank you! Tanya WE!!

  2. War Eagle, Tanya! The St. Louis Auburn Club meets at the Field House for each game. Visit the 2014 Football Schedule tab for details. Click on the Field House on that page for directions.

  3. Coming to St. Louis for the auburn Georgia game weekend will you guys be at the fieldhouse? I didn’t see the AU game listed in their website

  4. I tried to purchase a new club shirt but eBay said not available. Please notify when available. Thanks!

  5. Not sure if you are talking basketball or football. Auburn doesn’t play football until 2017. If you were referring to Auburn playing at Mizzou this March in basketball, we will not be having a bus. Thank you for your interest though!

  6. Tanya Lisa, we will be watching from Mike Duffy’s in Richmond Heights on Clayton Rd this year. Hope you can join us!

  7. I’m new to St Louis and I’m looking for a place to watch the games this fall with my fellow almuni/fans. Is there a place yall meet up?

  8. Kristen, welcome to St Louis! Have you checked out our facebook page? You can get information there as well as on this website where we have updated our watch party information. War Eagle!

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